I am an inveterate collector of odd bits of paper and manufactured items, particularly old objects. I have had a vintage postcard collection for decades, and for a time I acquired sample wallpaper books. Somehow all of this collecting has found its way into my collages. While the majority of my artwork is minimal or reductive abstraction, the technique of collage is at the core of my image making. I tend to assemble my images in sections and thinking of the sections as frames, as in the way movies are framed. This also leads me to think of them as narratives. Of late, I’ve been assembling images in a more traditional collage approach. I’m not abandoning my abstract roots; I just currently have a need to express myself in this narrative mode. The collages conjure up short stories for me, and I hope they do the same for the viewer.

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Artworks 2013-14
Tempus Fugit
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The Madonna Inn

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